Adya Clarity – Eliminates Water Contamination

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Adya Clarity is a groundbreaking mineral formula that uses advanced science of water technology to bring safe drinking water to your home. The solution consists of purified water and ionic sulfate minerals. It is scientifically proven to reduce 230+ contaminants. With just a few drops of Adya Clarity, you will have access to pure, great tasting water. Adya (Ah-Dee-YA) means primordial such as “original” or “best state” in Sanskrit.

Test results in PDF available here.

Use Adya Clarity for all water-essential needs

  • Drinking – for your family and pets
  • Bathing-purifies and mineralizes your bath water
  • Making beverages – ice, coffee, tea, juice, etc
  • Washing produce –fruits , vegetable, etc.
  • Cooking – soups, pasta, all water ingredients in baking, etc
  • Watering plants –indoor and outdoor


  • Flavor may be slightly altered after the addition of Adya Clarity
  • Heat does not affect Adya Clarity

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