Medicinal Properties in the Tea You Drink

If you are trying to reduce caffeine intake, there are herbal alternatives that give you the alertness and zest you found in coffee.

• Ginger tea
• Siberian Ginseng
• Green tea

Ginger is an ancient healer in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions. It is used to combat stomach and digestive ailments and is also valuable for arthritis, muscle aches and pains as well as in counteracting memory loss and dementia. It has many anti-oxidant properties and is an anti-inflammatory agent. A morning cup of ginger tea energizes and prepares for a day’s action.

Siberian Ginseng or Eleuthrococus (Eleuthero Root) is not related to the Ginseng herbal family. It has medicinal properties and is an effective aid for mental alertness and focus. It is helpful when dealing with a stressful day (we all have them). Brewing and sipping a cup of this tea is helpful for concentration. I usually drink a cup about mid-day as an alternative to coffee.

Green Tea has some caffeine content, but is milder than coffee or black tea. There are benefits to caffeine, and green tea provides those benefits of increased alertness and mood lifting. With about half the caffeine as brewed coffee, and less than most caffeinated beverages, green tea also has health benefits. I resort to this cuppa tea when alertness is required and drowsiness sets in.

Coffee does energize and increases alertness, but also has a downside. Too much coffee over time can contribute to an irregular heartbeat. It increases nervous energy and is less potent for focused concentration than tea or Siberian Ginseng. For health’s sake, limit coffee intake and try the alternatives for a smoother day and better health.

For more about the benefits of ginger root this resource is invaluable.

Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Ginger

A general overview of Siberian Ginseng.
Green Tea as an antioxidant.

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