Salvia Sclaria Omega 3


Omega 3 is the nutrient identified as an essential fatty acid, critical for growth and emotional stability. It is present in everyone’s cell structure at birth, and is provided by mother’s milk, the most natural and best food for the human infant.

As a dietary supplement, it has a source in fish oil, particularly salmon, or in a few vegetables such as flaxseed oil and clary sage, and to a smaller extent, in a few fruit and vegetable sources, such as kiwi and walnuts.

Clary Sage
Clary Sage


As essential as calcium and iron to health, a sufficient amount of Omega 3 in diet or supplements can help protect against phlegmatic diseases, inflammation of the blood veins and arteries, thereby preventing heart ailments, and in addition, promotes healthy skin. As blocked arteries are a major cause of heart attacks and stroke, adding Omega 3 to the diet of adults is a wise precaution.

Keeping the major arteries flowing freely is a major concern for adults past middle age. Artery clogging substances, refined oils, fat and oils in meat and common snacks, all add up to arteriosclerosis, a danger for a well functioning heart and blood circulation throughout the body. Blood circulation is vital to bring oxygen bearing molecules, body building and tissue maintaining molecules to every organ of the body.. Repair work on vital organs is enhanced by Omega 3 molecules in salvia sclaria. The build up of plaque is a major source of health concern. Omega 3 heals and repairs at the molecular level. Arteriosclerosis is a major cause of heart attack and stroke, as the blood vessels are narrowed by the build-up of plaque.

While fish oils can be beneficial, and provides Omega 3 as well, there is a difference in the Omega 3 from fish and Omega 3 from vegetable sources. The three enzyme components of Omega3 are EPA, DHA and ALA. Salvia Scalaria contains only ALA. However, the other two enzymes are produced in the body, when ALA is present. Therefore, ALA is the most essential ingredient. A buildup of EPA can be detrimental in some physics. Therefore, ALA is the best choice for a healthy contribution to health on the molecular level. It is a body toner without side-effects, a protective and preventative supplement promoting good health.

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An exciting discovery was made by me personally. My son was under prescription medication for mood disorders, diagnosed as depression and bi-polar syndrome. The side-effects of taking the medications are well known, and endemic. In fact, it is questionable that the medications are in fact treating an actual symptom, or the side-effect of medication. The continued substitutions and adding “stabilizers” went on for almost 10 years. When I was introduced to Omega3 from clary sage, I added two does a day to his diet. His mood disorders immediately improved, and we were able to reduce the medication, and finally determine how to treat his disorder. He continues taking a medication, although the addition of the ALA fatty-acid with Omega3 enhances his mood and keeps his life balanced.

Omega 3 is recommended for those who must take medication for mood disorders and depression, as well as a general toxic for those who want to maintain health past middle-age. The benefits of a daily dosage of salvia scalaria (clary sage) supplement are many.

I continue to favor ALA natural supplements, although adding a meal with salmon to the diet weekly is a great idea. Fish oils contain dangerous contaminants from sea water, polluted with heavy metals and radioactive waste. There is a greater possibility of an allergic reaction to fish oil than to ALA derived oils from natural herbs. Also, our bodies are able to generate the additional Omega as needed to repair cells that are damaged. ALA concentrates in the thyroid or heart center, or wherever needed to aid in cell restoration.

To summarize, this gives the major benefits of salvia sage over fish oil supplements.

 Omega 3 from Fish Oil

  • Often includes unhealthy contaminants – not
    recommended for children or
    pregnant women
  • Contain DHA and EPA produced
    by the fish from ALA in sea vegetation
  • Fishy taste and smell

         ALA from Clary Sage  

    Visage Omega 3 Syrup
    Visage Omega 3
  •      100% pure vegetable source – safe for everyone
  •       Contains only ALA fatty acid. DHA and
    EPA produced in the body from the ALA
  •       Only nutty flavor – no fishy smell

While there are other natural substances on the market with the ALA Omega 3, such as chia seed and flaxseed, they are more unstable, without a long shelf life, and need to be refrigerated to maintain their value. ALA from Clary Sage remains the top choice for those wishing to increase Omega 3 in their diets.